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Check out retail and wholesale Silk Torch Ginger Flowers from CraftsWay., LLC in Hawaii, USA. Available in the loose style. Made of the highest quality silk polyester for crafts. Handcrafted by artisans in various colors to achieve the appearance of natural flowers. And their beauty will last for years to come. We support a large number of orders and we ship overseas.

CODE: SK1101

Torch Ginger


You can place your order via the website, give us a call, or ADD Line ID: craftsway,
and also send mail to: and

If you are a wholesaler and are interested in silk torch ginger flowers (bulk) orders,
please register and log in to the website to get these silk torch ginger at the wholesale price.

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All wholesale orders of artificial flowers must be purchased at a minimum of 30 pieces and 10 pieces per color.