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CraftsWay provides retail and wholesale custom-made artificial flower hairpieces. Our beautiful custom-made flower hairpieces are made of the highest quality silk flowers, silk leaves, and other artificial materials for crafts. Our Artisans handcraft these flower hair clips in Hawaii, USA. With the main objective is to achieve the appearance of natural flowers. And their beauty will last for years to come.

Thus, all these features make our Hawaiian Hair Clips a good quality, beautiful, and unique accessory. Also, our flower hair clips are suitable for hula dances, parties, weddings, celebrations, and any occasion. And besides the hair clips, we also have custom-made flower hair combs, flower hair sticks, flower hair buns, and flower earrings. We support a large number of orders and we ship internationally.

Custom Made Flower Hairpiece $3 - $10 |
Custom Made Flower Hairpiece $12 - $20 |, Hawaiian hairpiece
Custom Made Flower Hairpiece $22 - $35 |, Hawaiian Hairpiece
Custom Made Flower Hairpiece $40 & Up |, Hawaiian Hair Clip

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